Contractors Module

You can invite your contractors to manage their own contractor workforce, issue QR codes and supply important documents for compliance.

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Teamgo Contractors Module is a premium feature and requires the Documents module. It is a good idea to create an induction form for each of your location for a smooth process. Please contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this module on your subscription.


Watch how the Contractors module works with Teamgo

With Teamgo Contractors you can streamline the process of managing your suppliers, request documents and track their sign-ins at the workplace.

  • Invite contractor companies to create an account and add their contact information

  • Contractor companies can add their own users, issue QR codes for sign-in, and have relationships with different organizations that use the Contractors module

  • Request Contractor Companies to upload documents and complete forms

  • Require documents from inductees

When the Contractors module is enabled you will see a new option called Manage Contractors. This where you can manage your contractors and contractor settings.

To use this module, ensure you have allocated the right group permissions for your users that will be using this feature.

Adding a New Contractor Company

Watch how to add a new Contractor Company

With Teamgo you can add Contractor Companies using the following methods

  • Manually add New Contractor Companies

  • Import Contractor Companies

  • Invite Contractor Companies

Option 1 - Create New Contractor Company (manual)

  1. Login to your Teamgo web dashboard

  2. Navigate to Manage Contractors

  3. On the Contractors page select the "+ New Contractor" button

  4. Complete the New Supplier form and click Save

There are several important items to note on creating a new company

  • Include the Contractor Company details for your records

  • Nominate a main contact person for the Contractor Company

If you invite the Contractor Company to manage their own account they will be emailed an invitation link and be required to create a password to login (their username will be the main contact persons email address). This will allow your Contractor Company to

  • Update their Contractor Company details

  • Update their own details (account info)

  • Add their own users aka inductees (typically employees/contractors) and issue sign-in options

Option 2 - Import Contractor Companies

Save time and import multiple Contractor Companies with one simple CSV file upload. This will populate your Contractor Companies automatically. You can then manually edit them and/or invite Contractor Companies to manage their own records.

  1. Login to your Teamgo web dashboard

  2. Navigate to Manage Contractors

  3. On the Contractors page select the IMPORT icon next to New Contractor

  4. Upload your companies CSV file and import into Teamgo

Importing Contractor Companies can be done with your own CSV file or by downloading and completing the CSV template we provide.

Use the provided documentation on screen to automate completion of data fields.

Option 3 - Invite Contractor Companies

Save time and invite Contractor Companies to complete their own account with you. This can save you time and also provide additional benefits to suppliers such as adding their own workforce, issuing QR codes for sign-in and viewing reports.

  1. Login to your Teamgo web dashboard

  2. Navigate to Manage Contractors

  3. On the Contractors page select Email Icon (invite)

  4. Complete the fields shown following the on screen instructions

When invited, your Contractors Companies will get an email from Teamgo with a link to follow and complete their own account. They will have limited features such as

  • Managing their Contractor Company details

  • Adding their workforce and issuing login/QR codes etc

  • Viewing reports

  • Supplying documents

For further assistance with Teamgo suppliers module please get in contact with our support team just email [email protected]

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