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Create new document type
Create new document type
How to setup your document types with Teamgo
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The Teamgo Documents Module is a premium Teamgo feature. Contact your account administrator to evaluate or enable this feature.

Creating a New Document

  1. Login to the Teamgo dashboard

  2. Click on your Workspace tab

  3. Click on Documents to expand the option

  4. Click on Document Types

New Document Type Options

When you create a new document there are two components to complete based on your needs. You can create a form to be completed, and add an upload option so the person can attach files.

  1. Click on New Document button

  2. Complete the New Document form options, choosing all the options you need

  3. Add additional form fields that may need to be filled out

  4. Ensure you set a document Expiration Date if one needs to be applied

  5. Ensure if you require a file(s) to be submitted you add this field type

  6. Click SAVE when completed

Create new document screenshot

Create new document Form Builder document - adding file upload option

New Document Type Summary

The New Document / Form Builder lets you either collect an existing document, create a document for submission (the form builder) or both. You can use it anyway you wish to meet your compliance goals for people arriving at your workplaces.

For further assistance with Documents please contact [email protected] with your enquiry and we will help you get setup.

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