The Teamgo Documents Module is a premium Teamgo feature. Contact your account administrator to evaluate or enable this feature. Documents Module is a required module for use of

  • Supplier Module

  • Customer Module

  • Vaccine Module

Creating a New Document

Creating a new Document Type

  1. Login to Teamgo with your administrator account

  2. Under the Documents tab, click on Document Types

  3. Click +Create New button

New Document Type Options

When you create a new document there are two components to complete based on your needs.

  • Document information

  • Form builder

  1. Choose a category for your document such as WHS (workplace health and safety) or Vaccination.

  2. Enter a unique and easy to understand document name

  3. Set a default take the document will expire once submitted and approved (leave blank for no expiration)

  4. Choose groups that must provide and have it approved before they arrive or when they sign-in at a kiosk.

  5. Include an instructional message that will be included when you send a document request to your visitors.

  6. Use the Form Builder to create the questions you need to ask your visitors and option to upload/attach a file as evidence.

  7. If a document has no expiration you can remove the field or make it not required

  8. Click SAVE to save your new Document Type.

Create new document screenshot.

Create new document Form Builder document - set expiration not required.

New Document Type Summary

The New Document / Form Builder lets you either collect an existing document, create a document for submission (the form builder) or both. You can use it anyway you wish to ensure you meet your compliance goals for people arriving at your workplaces.

For further assistance with Documents please contact [email protected] with your enquiry and we will help you get setup.

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