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Teamgo Supplier Module is a premium feature. Please contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this module on your subscription. The suppliers module will enable


When you add a supplier and their employees/contractors/workers to Teamgo, they can use their details such as email, mobile number or a QR code to easily sign in when they arrive at the workplace.

This lets you separate and identify them from other types of visitors and most importantly can help you with safety, security and compliance of both your people and your suppliers workforce.

Suppliers employees can sign in with

  • Their email address

  • Entering a mobile number

  • Entering a Pin Code

  • Scanning an issued QR code

  • Manually via dashboard (admin user can sign them in and out)

To send a supplier employee their sign-in information you first need to have created an account for them, or allowed a supplier who has access to do so on their behalf. Once they have an account you can issue access.

  1. Go to your Workplace Tab and select Suppliers

  2. Select the supplier from your supplier menu

  3. Select the Employee tab

  4. Tick the options box next to the supplier employee

  5. Choose a method to send them sign-in access

The following options are available

  • Send QR code - will send them a QR code they can scan, you will need to have their email address in their account to do this.

  • Send Password - will send them a secure link to create a password they can login to Teamgo and manage their own account and download a QR code themselves. You will need an email address on file for this option

  • Check-in this will Sign-in or Check-in the user immediately

Teamgo provides many different ways for users to be able to sign in and sign out easily. There may be additional options available depending on the options available on your Teamgo plan subscription including FaceID or the Teamgo Pass app for even smarter, easier sign in options.

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