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Request important documents from your suppliers and their workers

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Teamgo Supplier Module is a premium feature. Please contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this module on your subscription. The suppliers module will enable


Once you have added a Supplier to your account and any of their employee workforce, you can request documents from both the supplier and their individual workers.

This can be important for compliance, safety and security if you need ID's, certificates, work permits, vaccinations, police checks and so on.

Viewing Supplier Documents

Any documents that have been submitted by your Suppliers will be viewable in their account under the Supplier details.

  1. Click the Workspace Tab

  2. Click the Suppliers option

  3. Select the Supplier

  4. Click the Documents option

Here you will see all the documents that have been requested, submitted and their status. Clicking a document will show further details and you can also Search and Filter the documents on this page.

Requesting Supplier Document

You can request documents setup in your account to be sent and submitted by your Suppliers. These can then be viewed and actioned by your team.

Note - before you can send a document request you must first have the Documents Module enabled, and add your Document Types. See our help guide on how to do this.

  1. Go to the Workspace Tab

  2. Select Suppliers

  3. Choose a Supplier

  4. Click Employees

  5. Click on an Employee

  6. Click on the Documents option

From here you can select one or multiple documents to send requests for completion. The Employee will need to have an email address on file to receive the notice they need to complete and submit your required information.

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