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How you can use Teamgo Rooms to manage your meeting rooms and more

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This is a Premium Module available to all plans on request. Contact Teamgo to discuss how rooms can help you at the workplace.

Introduction to Rooms

A booking module for rooms, e.g., meeting rooms, offers tremendous usefulness in simplifying the reservation process and preventing double bookings. Users can easily view the availability of rooms and make reservations at their convenience. It eliminates the hassle of manual booking, reduces scheduling conflicts, and allows for more efficient use of spaces. Ultimately, this improves productivity, streamlines workflows, and enhances the overall experience for all involved.

The Rooms screen has an easy-to-use calendar interface that should be very familiar to most users. You can specify the availability of each room, set the length of each booking slot, customize the info required from the person booking the room, and make spaces bookable to the general public by using booking URLs.

Adding Rooms

  1. Log into your Teamgo account at

  2. Click the Workplace tab in the header

  3. Click Rooms

  4. Click the + New Room button at the top right

  5. Fill in the main fields, including the room name, rolling days or date range, slot length, color legend, and location.

  6. Collapsible sections contain fields that be further customized, including availability, booking data, and booking URL.

  7. Click the Save button at the top right

Booking a Room

If booking for the general public is not enabled, log into the Teamgo web dashboard, click on Workspace, and then Rooms. You will be presented with a calendar interface.

On the left pane, select the room that you want to book. Click on a time slot, fill in the required information, and hit Save.

Please feel free to contact Teamgo support should you have any questions.

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