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Setting up and managing your Teamgo Data & Privacy options

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Teamgo takes your data and privacy very seriously. Our system and our approach to how we collect and help you manage your data is paramount to the success of our customers needs and we ensure every aspect of our system maintains strict security protocols.

We have provided you a number of tools to take control over your data and manage the data of your visitors that will help you achieve security and compliance expectations for your organisation.

  • Compliance - ensure you only retain visitor and employee data for strict periods and set automatic removal and/or anonymisation of this data

  • GDPR Compliance - ensure you put in place measures to abide by your local EEU and EU data retention and gathering policies including but not limited to data retention periods.

  • Anonymise Data - remove all sensitive visitor data from your account keeping only sign in logs with ID's, dates and times. This removes visitors names, emails, mobile numbers etc for the period of time you choose

  • Delete Data - this function will instantly remove all your visitor and user data from the system with just one click and confirmation. It's the "end all" scenario when you want or need your data removed. Once removed, it cannot be restored.

Watch how to manage your system data

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