Refresh iPad Kiosk Settings

Apply new changes, settings and hosts to your iPad Kiosk sign in points.

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When you make a change on the web dashboard to your kiosk such as design, settings and hosts you will need to send those changes to the iPad app.

This is known as Refreshing your kiosk (settings). There are several ways to do this.

Web Dashboard

  1. In your kiosk designer click save on any recent changes.

  2. Click REFRESH button to update iPad app with new changes.

If you iPad kiosk is online, it will refresh after a few moments with the new changes. You will also get a web dashboard message confirming the update.

If your iPad is not enabled and logged into the changed kiosk, you will need to refresh manually.

iPad Kiosk

  1. On the iPad Kiosk when logged into a sign in point. Tap the bottom right corner of the display to show the setting icon. Tap this again.

  2. Enter your kiosk password OR click refresh

Your iPad kiosk will refresh with any recent changes you made.


If your changes continue to not appear, you may want to re-install the app.

  1. Delete the Teamgo app

  2. Reinstall the Teamgo app

  3. Ensure Location and Camera are enabled

  4. Login to the Teamgo app

  5. Select your sign-in point

The sign in point will load and any recent changes will appear.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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