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How to create a new iPad kiosk

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When setting up a new iPad kiosk it's important to understand what information you need to collect from visitors and how you want to collect it.

Teamgo Tip - keep it simple! Even if you require a lot of information for complex compliance requirements, we provide smart tools to give visitors an easy user experience which is important when people are using technology.

Create iPad Kiosk

To create a new iPad kiosk with default settings follow these steps.

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Select your location

  3. Click on Sign-in Points

  4. Click New iPad Kiosk

Your iPad Kiosk will need some default information. This is important for displaying reports correctly and making sure it functions with your other settings.

  • Name - give your kiosk a short, identifiable name (such as reception, office, front desk, workshop etc)

  • Location - by default it will already be selected under the location you are managing

  • Default Contacts - these are the people who can be notified when someone signs in as well as your host employees, you can change these at anytime

When you save these settings, you will then be directed to the Kiosk Designer tool for iPad Kiosks where you can then configure

  • General settings

  • Styling, buttons, colours, backgrounds, fonts etc

  • Workflows - what happens and how when people tap a button

  • Notifications - users that can be notified when various actions take place

  • Complex work flows - adding various options to your workflows

  • Visitor Badges - design visitor badges unique to the kiosk

  • Hosts (people who can be displayed in the visitor directory)

Other kiosk designer functions include

  • Clone - kiosk (makes it easy for setting up many of the same kiosk type!)

  • Delete - will remove the kiosk from your account completely

  • Modify - change the kiosks name and location (if you wish to move it)

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