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Create robust sign-in flows with the Teamgo Kiosk Builder

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Your Teamgo iPad Kiosk has a variety of options for you to enable allowing for different sign-in types depending on your needs for the workplace. The most common sign-in types for visitor management are

  • Guests - visitors external to your organisation and workplace

  • Employees - visitors who are part of your workplace

  • Contractors - visitors who are guests but need additional functions to ensure they are signed in compliantly

The Teamgo Visitor Management system can be used in many different workplaces, not just offices but also schools, community centres and more. Using the Kiosk Builder you can create workflows for visitors of almost any type.

The Kiosk Designer will let you add button elements, then build workflows people will go through to provide you with the information you need.

Kiosk Elements

An element is an object you position on the iPad home screen such as a logo, button, text, image, QR code, camera (scanner) etc. Each element will typically have its own style options and most can have a workflow assigned to them.

To add a new element, in the Kiosk Builder select the Add Element option.

Kiosk Workflows

To create a workflow, add a new Element or select an existing Element from the iPad home screen.

Once selected you can then choose Configure Workflow

Depending on the Element you selected, the workflow configuration options will be different and specific to that element. Typically this will be a form you need visitors to complete, so you may be presented with a form builder.

If you are just wanting to quickly sign-in Employees for time and attendance, you may wish to use the Express Sign-in option so a QR code can be scanned, or a mobile number can be entered.

The iPad Kiosks can be used for many different sign-in types and scenarios. The Kiosk Builder and setting up your workflows will assist you with building the best possible visitor kiosk for your workplaces needs.

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