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Employee Sign-In via iPad Kiosk
Employee Sign-In via iPad Kiosk

How to sign-in employees with Teamgo

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Teamgo is not just for Visitors. The Teamgo visitor management system can be used to track your employees workplace arrives, whether its for compliance, time and attendance or other needs.

Using your iPad Kiosk you can use a variety of methods to sign-in employees. Choose the ones that meet your needs and make the process easy for people to use.

  • QR codes - a common method to sign-in. Your users can be given a QR code they can scan on the iPad kiosk using the camera function displayed on the kiosk.

  • Email - enter an email address unique to the user

  • Mobile - enter the users mobile number

  • PIN Code - enter a pin code that the user can set on their account

  • FaceID - for customers with this feature, uses can sign-in using face recognition

Using the Kiosk Builder there are a number of basic or more advanced ways to sign-in your employees.

Employee iPad Kiosk Sign-In

Using the Kiosk Builder, add one of the following elements to your iPad Kiosk

  • Scanner - places a scanner on the home screen of the kiosk for quick QR code scan

  • Express Check-in - adds a screen where employees can choose one of the options to quickly sign in using information unique to them like mobile, email or a QR code.

You will need to issue your employees with QR codes using one of the methods provided in these setup guides.

  • QR code on the Teamgo Pass smartphone app

  • Printed QR code to employee badge

  • Email QR code to your employee (digital image)

Employees with QR codes can scan them on any Teamgo iPad kiosk to sign in quickly. When used at your workplace kiosks they will be considered an Employee/Staff sign-in for your records. When scanned at another organisations workplace (if the function is available) they will be treated as a Visitor and it will speed up with sign-in process by populating their basic information quickly.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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