Browser-based Sign-in Point

How to allow visitors to sign in and out using a browser on your computer

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If you do not have an iPad and do not want visitors to sign in with a mobile phone via a QR code, you can still use a browser on a smart device, e.g., a laptop or desktop computer, to allow visitors to sign in and out.

Accessing the browser sign-in URL

  1. Add a new Contactless QR-code sign-in point or access an existing one by going to Workspace, selecting the Location of interest, and clicking on the QR-code sign-in point that you want.

  2. On the Details screen (default), copy the sign-in URL by clicking the Copy button.

  3. Paste the URL onto your browser, and you are ready to accept sign-ins!

Adding a Visitor sign-out option

If you want to provide a sign-out option for visitors, you can do so by taking advantage of our highly customizable workflows.

  1. Go to the QR-code sign-in point that you want to modify.

  2. Click on Workflows on the left pane, and click the Add Workflow button.

  3. Specify a name for the Workflow and the Button, click Done, and hit Save at the top right.

  4. Click on the new Workflow that you created, and then click the + Add Screen button.

  5. Select Checkout from the list, and hit Save at the top right.

  6. You can edit the settings of the screen that you just added by clicking on the pen symbol to the right. Once satisfied, you are done!

For other concerns please search the help guides or contact the Teamgo support team with your questions.

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