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The Sign-in Subusers feature allows a User to sign in a sub-user, e.g., a parent/guardian signing in a child, which is valuable, particularly in settings such as schools, daycare facilities, or community centers. This capability allows for a streamlined and controlled entry process where parents can efficiently register their child's visit on their behalf. It enhances security by ensuring that only authorized individuals can sign in children while providing a convenient and organized approach to managing the arrival and departure of minors. Additionally, this feature can offer peace of mind to parents, knowing that their child's presence on the premises is accurately recorded and monitored within the visitor management system.

To use the feature, establish a relationship between applicable Users and add a workflow that authenticates the User and incorporates the Sign-in Subusers screen.

Establish a relationship between Users

  • Log into the LSX dashboard, go to the People tab, and click the sub-user of interest

  • Go to the relationship tab of their profile, click on the '+ Add Relationship' button, and a pop-up window will open

  • Select the relationship between the User and the sub-user

  • Search for, and select, the User

  • Click Add Now

  • Repeat for all sub-users

Add/Modify an iPad Sign-in Point Workflow to accommodate a 'Sign-in Subusers' screen

  • Go to the Sign-in Point Section, and select the Sign-in Point of interest

  • Add/Modify an iPad Sign-in Point Workflow to accommodate a 'Sign-in Subusers' screen.

  • You can add additional screens as needed

  • Here is a refresher on Sign-in Point workflows

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