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Slow App Performance - Teamgo Kiosk App
Slow App Performance - Teamgo Kiosk App

If your Teamgo kiosk app is slow or unresponsive you can apply a few options to get it back up to speed.

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There are some key things you can do to ensure your iPad performs well and requires little to no maintenance for ongoing performance.

  • Use a newer model iPad (2018 or newer) - if you can, ensure you have a later model iPad. Check our Hardware support articles for the iPad models we support.

  • Keep your iPad up to date with the latest version of iOS

  • Keep your Teamgo iPad app up to date with the latest version

  • Turn off auto updates for the iPad and apps. This means you will need to run a manual update when we release new versions and approve iOS versions to work with Teamgo but it gives you the opportunity to do a quick health check on the device also.

  • Disable night mode and any other setting that allows the iPad to go to sleep.

  • Ensure your iPad is plugged into power always where possible

If your iPad/App is performing slowly or not responsive please check your WiFi settings. Wifi connectivity is essential to performance of the Teamgo App.

  • Can you load a website in the safari browser?

  • Can you see other devices on the network?

If performance is still an issue follow these steps

  • Delete the Teamgo app from the iPad

  • Update the iPad version of iOS

  • Restart your iPad

  • Reinstall the Teamgo application

  • Load the Teamgo app and add your printer settings

  • Load your kiosk and test the app with 

Get in touch with the team at [email protected] for help with configuring your devices to work with Teamgo.

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