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Brother QL-820NWB Bluetooth Disconnected
Brother QL-820NWB Bluetooth Disconnected

Tips for supporting your BlueTooth printer if it stops working

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Technical summary:

  • if you need to reconnect your Bluetooth label printer, make sure you use the "forget device" option from the Bluetooth settings on the iPad.

  • Make sure to disable template mode using the controls on the printer (Press the [Menu] button -> Navigate to Template Settings -> Template Mode -> Off in the menu by using the [▲] and [▼] buttons and [OK] to select)

Before you setup your printer

Apple iPad devices will require you to allow discovery of the printer on the network, either WIFI or Bluetooth. When the prompt appears, you will need to allow the device to discover connected devices like the printer. Accept this to Allow Always and you can proceed with the connection process outlined below.

Fixing a disconnected Bluetooth printer (Brother QL-820NWB)

There may be a few reasons your printer stops working including an actual hardware fault. While this is rare, the more common reasons are listed below and the same solution we provide will work for all of them.

  • You have a new iPad you need to setup

  • You have a new printer you need to connect

  • You have disabled Bluetooth

  • You deleted and re-installed the Teamgo app

The Brother QL-820NWB printer offers Bluetooth connection direct to the iPad, this means you do not need to connect the printer via Wi-Fi. You can create a direct connection between the iPad and the Printer.

Note: Bluetooth printers can only connect to one iPad at a time. You will not be able to connect multiple iPads to one printer when using the Bluetooth option.

If your printer stops working or loses connection you need to reconnect the printer to your iPad but first, you will need to un-pair it from the Teamgo App and the iPad itself.

1. Check to ensure the Bluetooth printer is not paired with the Teamgo app. Login to your Teamgo application and view Printer Settings.

2. Check your iPad's settings app, if the Bluetooth printer is still showing as connected, select it and tap the Information (i) icon.

3. Tap "Forget this Device"

Now reconnect your Bluetooth printer to the iPad following the instructions provided in our Printer connection articles for Bluetooth connection.

Check the label cassette is inserted correctly

This message can be caused by trouble feeding the label, the end of the label or tape roll, or using non-Brother or generic labels or tape rolls.

  1. Check the label roll is not empty.

  2. Turn off the printer.

  3. Hold the front of the machine and lift the roll cover to open the printer.

  4. Remove the label roll by pulling upwards.

  5. Install the label roll into the roll spool guides, ensuring it is seated correctly.

  6. Thread the label roll through the label printer and out the label output slot until the end of the label roll reaches the mark.

  7. Close the roll compartment cover.

  8. Turn on the printer.

  9. During startup, the label roll will align automatically, and the LED should be green.

  10. Try printing again.

install roll
thread roll

If the problem continues, your machine will need service. Your machine has a two-year limited exchange warranty. You may use the link below to find a Brother-authorized service center in your area. You may also contact Customer Service for additional warranty options.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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