How to identify your iPad Model

Check to see if your iPad is supported by Teamgo

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Teamgo supports iPad's that can be updated to the latest iOS.

Support and compatibility starts with the iPad 5th generation and iOS 10.x however it's important to understand that security and stability should be top of mind. Please ensure you can support the latest versions of iOS on your device.

To check the model of iPad you have please follow this link

Generally your iPad model can be identified by looking in the Settings app under the About section, any on the back of the iPad identified in small model number writing. It's best however to look at the app settings as it will tell you the model, version number and version of iOS installed.

Teamgo does not support or offer guarantees on hardware. This is the customers responsibility to ensure compatible hardware is used and it's maintained and updated regulary. 

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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