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Introduction to Visitors in Teamgo

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Visitors are people external to your organisation. Teamgo lets you register and track visitors arriving and departing from locations.

Visitors are a type of User in Teamgo - all people who use Teamgo are users, we categorise these for you with Visitors being the primary user type.

How we create visitors

Each time a visitor is pre-registered or checks in at your kiosks we create a unique record of that visit and establish a visitor account. This account is simply a User ID that is identified as a string of random numbers.

How we identify visitors

If you collect data like email address, mobile number, photos and so on we can apply this to the visitors account, meaning we can identify them in other ways. The same approach is taken with QR codes, if a visitor is issued a QR code (for example, you pre-register them and email their QR code), this code is assigned to their User ID.

When the QR code is scanned, email entered, mobile included, face scanned etc we can identify the person and build a visitor history of their movements with your organisation.

Teamgo offers many ways to check people in/out of the system, it's up to you to configure what works best for functionality, security and privacy.

Visitor management

Teamgo provides you a number of tools to manage visitors, but visitors themselves cannot manage their account as we do not provide them access to do so. They technically do not even have an "account". Think of it more as a "profile".

We give you options to manage the visitors data including removal of it or retrieval. We never allow you to modify a record. You can add notes but you cannot modify the data captured.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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