In this guide you will learn how to invite your Users to access Teamgo features. This is only required if you need your users to login to the Teamgo dashboard or the Teamgo Pass app. It adds an additional level of benefits.

You can invite either a new user to create an account, or an existing user to manage their own account.

Invite New User

  1. On your home screen, go to USERS > All Team Members

  2. Click InviteĀ 

You now have several options to invite your Users depending in the best way to deliver the invitation email.

  1. Group - Choose the user group you want your new users to be automatically assigned to when they register. If you need to assign them to different groups, send and regenerate a link each time.

  2. Registration Link - Copy the link under the Team Registration URL section and send this to your users.

  3. Invite by Email - Another option is to use this feature and add the users email address(s) to email them the link directly from Teamgo.

  4. Message - If you are sending an invitation from Teamgo you can customise the message content that is received.

When you hit SEND NOW it will send the email invitation immediately. If you wish to assign users to another group, refresh the page and repeat the process.

NOTE: The Team Registration URL is a unique link that is generated each time you visit the Invite page.

Inviting Existing Users

If you already have a user account established, you can simply send their login details. This will deliver an email that includes a link to follow so they can manage their own Teamgo user account.

  1. Go to Users > All Team Members

  2. Locate and click the user account

  3. Click Send Login on the user profile

For help and assistance with users contact [email protected].

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