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If a user already have a Teamgo account you can invite them to join you.

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If you add a user and receive a message that the account already exists it is likely they already have been added to Teamgo.

  1. First search your user list by Email and find if the user already exists.

  2. It may be the Email address exists in the system already. You can invite the user to also join your workspace for access to your user options.

Invite Existing User

  1. Go to the Users > Invite (button) 

  2. Scroll down to Invite by email

  3. Enter one or many email addresses and click Invite to send

The user will receive an email from your Teamgo account with a link requesting them to join. Once the user accepts this they will be asked to login to the Teamgo dashboard and complete the final steps of their registration.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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