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You can invite your Teamgo users to create their own account, or take ownership of an existing one.

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You may want certain (or all) users to login to the Teamgo web dashboard or have them simply enter themselves into the Teamgo dashboard with a new user profile or access an existing one.

You can send an invitation email that includes a secure web link and welcome message. When the user clicks the link they will be given an online form to complete and option to create a password to login.

  • The user will only be added to the locations you choose when inviting them.

  • The user will be assigned to the group you choose when inviting them.

  • You can invite one or multiple users at once

  • Invite links are expired once used and you can generate new ones

How to Invite Users

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Click on Users

  3. Click on the Invite User button

Invitation Options

When inviting users you can

  • Assign them to a location(s)

  • Add them to a user group

Invite User Form

You can customise the invitation message sent to the user and include any other important information or directions required.

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