In this guide you will learn how to add a Team Member whose email already exists in your Teamgo system.

There are two possible reasons why your Team Member's email might already exist in the system:

  1. The user already has an account. To confirm this, just use the search function on the USERS>Teams and see if their name appears.
  2. The user has been added to another Teamgo account in the past. This can happen if you have multiple accounts in the system.

If an email address already exists in the system and you want the user to join your account , send them an invitation by email.

  1. Open your home screen
  2. Go to the USERS> Teams> Invite 
  3. Scroll down to Invite by email
  4. Enter one or many email addresses and click Invite to send

The user will instantly receive an email from your Teamgo account with a link requesting them to join your account. Once the user accepts this they will be asked to login to the Teamgo dashboard and complete the final steps of their registration.

After your user has completed their registration, you might need to go back assign their permissions and as well as assign them as Hosts to different Kiosks. 

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