Visitor Watch List

Notify your team when persons of interest arrive on site

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This article contains references to POI - Person of Interest. These people could be 

  • VIP's

  • Known "bad actors"

  • Trouble makers

  • Other important people

There are many scenarios you wish to use this feature, but it essentially allows you to notify a User, designated as the Compliance Officer, of a flagged visitor's arrival.

Adding Visitors to the Watch List

  • Click on People

  • Click on Guests

  • Click on the Visitor that you want to add to the watch list.

  • Click the Allow Sign-in dropdown.

  • Select Watch to add the visitor to your watch list.

Modifying the Watch Sign-in Alert Message

  • Click on/Put your cursor over your profile icon and go to Settings

  • Click on Language under Settings

  • Click the edit icon (pencil) next to the Language that is set for your Teamgo system

  • Click on Watch Sign-in Alert

  • Modify the message

  • Scroll up and hit Save Changes

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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