Block Visitors from Sign-In

How to block existing visitors from sign-in

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Login to your web dashboard and go to

  • People > Guests

  • Search for the visitor you wish to block by name or email

  • Click on the visitor's name to show their profile

On the visitor's profile that holds their visitor history and other options, there is a menu in the header "Allow Sign-in."

  • Click the Allow Sign-in drop-down

  • Select BLOCK to block them for sign-in at your locations

When blocked visitors attempt to sign in, the kiosk will alert them that this is no longer possible and will alert the User, designated as the Compliance Officer, of the attempt.

Modifying the Blocked Sign-in Alert Message

  • Click on/Put your cursor over your profile icon and go to Settings

  • Click on Language

  • Click the edit icon (pencil) next to the Language that is set for your Teamgo system

  • Click on Blocked Sign-in Alert

  • Modify the message

  • Scroll up and hit Save Changes

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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