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How to remove a visitor from your Teamgo account

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If you need to delete a visitor from your account you can do this by locating their record in your account and using the functions to remove them.

Deleting a visitor record also deletes all of their associated data from your account. This will remove any history in reports and will no longer be available.

Note: deleted visitors and their data cannot be restored. Please use this feature carefully and consider other options first.

How to delete a visitor and their records

Option 1 - delete from visitors profile page

  1. Login to Teamgo

  2. Navigate to Users > Visitors

  3. Search for the visitor profile and select it

  4. On the visitors profile and history page, click DELETE

  5. Confirm removal

Option 2 - delete from visitors list (bulk removal)

  1. Login to Teamgo

  2. Navigate to Users > Visitors

  3. Select each visitor to delete by ticking the box nec to their avatar

  4. Click DELETE and confirm the action

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