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Notifications not sent
Notifications not sent

Have your notifications stopped working?

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If email, sms, app or desktop messages have not arrived there may be a few reasons. Let's explain each message type.

Notifications are typically sent to employee users when visitors arrive, deliveries need collection, emergencies are activated and booking reminders.


Email - this is the most common form of notification type. Ensure your email is entered correctly in the account and you are not blocking Teamgo from sending emails to you.


SMS - sent to users mobile numbers, ensure the international dial code is included, for example Australia would be +61xxxxxxxxxx, USA +1-xxx-xxx-xxx, UK +44xxxxxxxx and so on. SMS will arrive from an international origin and may be branded with your organisation as the sender. Teamgo will usually detect your location if you enter it into your settings on the web dashboard.

Push App > Teamgo Pass smartphone app

Push app notifications are available when Users have access to the Teamgo Pass employee app. This is available for iPhone and Android smartphone users of Teamgo. The app must have access to the devices location and camera to work fully, it will also need to be connected to the internet.

Desktop and Live

Desktop or live notifications display when a User is logged into the web dashboard on a desktop computer or browser device. This will appear in the desktop when the notification is triggered, you will need your web browser set to Allow for the Teamgo website to access your location settings.

Self diagnosis

Check you're admin settings under Notifications > Outbox to see if the system is sending messages to your Users. If the message ca be located it may not have been allowed to arrive. Check local settings with your IT admin or contact us for help.

Watch how to check your notification settings and logs

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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