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Do you need to change your Teamgo account owner?

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At times you may want to change your main admin account. This is the admin login that owns the entire account at the top level, we call them the "Super Admin".

  • Employee leaves the workplace

  • You no longer have access to the email account

  • You need to assign the role to a new employee

It's ideal you do not use a personal email for your Super admin (see FAQ article on this), that way it is more easily transferable if anything changes in the future with personnel at the workplace.

If you do need to change your admin email for any reason there are three options.

  • Request admin change with Teamgo - just email our support team to start the process for you (may require identity authentication)

  • Use the password recovery tool to get a new password for the account, you need to be able to access that email address for this to work. Once logged in you can change the email.

  • Login and update the email address on file


If the Super Admin is a personal email address such as "[email protected]" it would be best to simply archive that user and create a new one for your Super Admin role. This will make sure any records and activity attributed to that user stays in your account. You can then notify Teamgo you need a Super Admin change and we will assist.

For help with users and roles check out our help articles or email Teamgo for support at [email protected]

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