Note: When using local document compliance check, third party contractor modules such as LinkSafe and Maintenance connection cannot be used at the same time for the particular sign-in flow.

Document Check Setup with the Kiosk Designer

Go to your kiosk editor

  1. Click on Add Element

  2. Select Express Check-in

  3. In the menu tab select Compliances

  4. Select checkbox Local Compliance Check to activate.
    Note: If this option is not ticked and LinkSafe or Maintenance Connection module is enabled, Teamgo will validate using the relevant module.

  5. Click checkbox to enable Ask for documents if check failed if required

  6. Click Save

  7. Reload Teamgo iPad app to see the changes.

Enforcing document requirement per user

By default, Teamgo does not perform document compliance check on the all users.

To enable document check:

  1. Go to user's account

  2. Select Documents

  3. Click on the X in the Required column

4. Enter the Submission Deadline and Expiry Date.

5. Tick Send request to send an email to the user to submit document before arrival.

6. Click Save

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