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Send your visitor reports by email daily to monthly

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Teamgo provides the service of storing all your visitor reports online in a secure web dashboard. You can view reports and your visitor analytics anytime by logging into the web dashboard and accessing the appropriate options.

  • Users must have group permissions to access this feature

  • Reports may be limited based on the plan/subscription you have with Teamgo

Automated Reports - Email Delivery

Auto reports can generate and sent to one or multiple email addresses daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. The reports will include all records for the period selected.

  • Login to the web dashboard

  • Click on Workspace

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Notifications

  • Click on the Email Reports tab

  • Navigate to the dashboard home screen (the first screen after login usually)

  • Click "Reports" on any of the locations menu options

Note: Ensure you are not blocking the domain from sending you emails, check with your IT administrators if you do not receive your reports or contact our support team to enquire.

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