Assisted Check in/out

You can choose to manage visitors on sight with assisted check in/out options using the web dashboard

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You may want to assist or manually manage visitors rather than have them use a kiosk or self guided options. The Teamgo web dashboard allows you to do this.

Visitor Check-in

  • Go to Manage Visitors and click "New Visitor"

  • Complete the New Visitor form

  • Click Check-in Now

  • Choose the location to assign the new visitor

  • Click Check-in

Your visitor(s) will be instantly checked into your location.

Visitor Check-out by report

  • Go to Manage Visitors

  • Check the visitor(s) that are departing

  • Click the "Sign Out" button

  • Confirm Sign Out

Your visitor(s) will be instantly signed out of Teamgo

Visitor Check-out by record

  • Go to Manage Visitors or Users > Visitors

  • Select the onsite visitor

  • Click "Check-out"

The visitor will be instantly checked out of Teamgo

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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