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Emails Delivery Issues
Emails Delivery Issues
Are you not receiving notifications or reports to your work email?
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If you do not receive email notifications for arrivals, reports or alerts there might be a few things that can cause this. It is quite typical however they are being marked as SPAM or being blocked by mail deliver servers.

  • Automated reports

  • Visitor arrival notifications

  • Emergency Alerts

  • Delivery alerts

These reports can be affected by

  • Marked as spam, check your spam or junk box

  • Blocked, your network may block emails arriving. Please ensure you allow emails from * across your network (* where all applies)

  • Filtered, check your inbox filters to make sure it's not just in another folder or tag

  • Incorrect email address, check the email address recipients are correct in the email notification settings

  • Incorrect email address, make sure your recipient address exists and correctly spelled in the Teamgo dashboard.

Email White List Address

Teamgo emails are delivered from a specific IP address. Please ensure you unblock this IP address on your mail servers and firewalls. You may need to enlist the support of your IT administrator or service administrator

  • Allow emails from * domain and IP address

Check your settings in Teamgo and self diagnose

Check you have enabled Email Notifications

Check email report settings

Check your Outbox to see if message(s) have been sent

If you continue have an issue with reports, contact us to help. For more help and support email our team at [email protected] so we can assist.

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