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Bluetooth Thermometer Scanning
Bluetooth Thermometer Scanning

Teamgo supports the UFR-101 Bluetooth Thermometer for contact free temperature scanning.

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Thermometer scanning with the contactless Bluetooth UFR-101 Thermometer is a premium feature. Contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this feature as part of your service.

  • Requires free Teamgo Kiosk iPad app

  • Can be connected with Bluetooth to iPad

  • Can be powered with AC adaptor or battery

Australian customers can purchase the UFR101 Infrared Thermometer from our hardware shop following this link.

Connecting Bluetooth Thermometer

  1. Install the Teamgo iPad Kiosk app on your iPad

  2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad

  3. Turn on the UFR101 device as per device instructions

  4. Login to your Teamgo iPad app with your administrator username and password

  5. Tap on Settings

  6. Tap in Thermometer

You should see your device instantly connected as "Bluetooth BP Connected"

Enable Thermometer Scan

Once the device is connected to the iPad you will need to then add the temperate scan step to your iPad Kiosk sign-in workflows. Use the dashboard kiosk designer to enable this step.

Important Device Information

Your Infrared Bluetooth Thermometer can be used independently from the Teamgo software service. Like the badge printer, Teamgo simply supports this device to be used with our visitor management product.

The UFR101 device comes shipped in a retail package and has a third party application available to use. Teamgo does not have any affiliation with the manufacturer of this device or its software.

The software shipped with the device is a smartphone application for iOS and Android, allowing for updating of device firmware and bluetooth settings.


*Teamgo Infrared Thermometer is an infrared temperature scanning device, listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), under reference number 345754 by Stericlick Pty Ltd -Thermometer, infrared, skin. The device is a battery powered infrared thermometer intended for screening people in public places. The thermometer is intended for intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature from the forehead. The device is indicated for people of all ages and suitable for public places. The device is subject to compliance with conditions under Part 4-5, Division 2 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and Part 5, Division 5.2 of the Therapeutic Goods (Medical Devices) Regulations 2002. ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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