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Add Supplier Employee
Add Supplier Employee

How to add your suppliers employees

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Teamgo Supplier Module is a premium feature. Please contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this module on your subscription. The suppliers module will enable


When you add a supplier to Teamgo, you or the supplier (if given access) can add their workers to the system. This is useful so you can track your suppliers visitations, send them QR codes and manage their account.

  • Track supplier employees, contractors etc

  • View supplier visitations and sign-ins

  • Request documents, ID's and permits from suppliers and their employees

How to add a supplier's employees

You can add suppliers employees manually or import them.

  • Login to your web dashboard with your user account that has permission to access this feature and navigate to Workspace > Suppliers

  • Select the supplier you wish to manage

  • Select Employees option

When adding a new employee manually you only require their name. If you have an email address or mobile number you are able to issue them a QR code via one of these methods so they can scan to sign in on an iPad Kiosk sign in point.

Import Supplier Employees

If your supplier has many employees you wish to add and manage you can use the CSV import function. Select the IMPORT icon on the Supplier and complete the CSV import function. We provide a template you can use.

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