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Adding Contractor Employees and Inviting Inductees
Adding Contractor Employees and Inviting Inductees

How to add your suppliers employees

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Teamgo Contractors Module is a premium feature and requires the Documents module. Please contact your Teamgo account manager to evaluate or enable this module on your subscription.

Inductees are the Contractor Company's workforce that they have assigned to your organization. The Contractor Companies that you add and manage from within your system are the ones who can add and manage Contractor employees, as well as assign them to your organization as inductees.

  • Contractor Companies are organisations that supply you services

  • Inductees are the workforce of Contractor Companies that their admins have assigned to your organization

Watch a video on adding Contractor Company Employees and Inviting Inductees (Performed by Contractor Company admins)


When you add a Contractor Company to Teamgo, the Contractor Company can add their workers (employees) to their system. Once you have added an induction form to a location, the Contractor Company can then assign their employees to that location as inductees.

Add Contractor Company employees (Performed by Contractor Company admins)

The admin can add employees manually, import them, or send them an invite.

  • The admin logs in to their web dashboard and navigate to People

  • When adding a new employee manually only their name is required. If the employee's email address or mobile number is available, they can be issued a QR code via one of these methods so they can scan to sign in on an iPad Kiosk sign in point.

  • If the Contractor Company has many employees they wish to add and manage, they can use the CSV import function. Select the IMPORT icon at the top right and complete the CSV import function. We provide a template that they can use.

  • They can send invites to their employees by sharing the generated link or by having the system send an email invite.

Invite Inductees (Performed by Contractor Company admins)

The admin can add new Inductees, by inviting existing people or inviting new ones, to work with their Customers (Organizations such as yours)

  • The admin logs in to their web dashboard, navigates to Contractor Management, and selects the Customer of interest.

  • Go to Inductees, and click the Invite Inductee button

  • When inviting an existing employee as an inductee, the admin just has to search for and select the employee, and specify the location.

  • When inviting a new inductee, the admin would need to fill out the form and click on Send Invite.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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