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QR Code Sign in Point Overview

What are contactless QR code kiosks and how do they work?

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A Contactless QR code kiosk performs different to a physical iPad Kiosk. They are much more simple in function and do not require and iPad.

Once you configure the workflow forms and functions of your contactless QR kiosk you can download a QR code picture or poster and place this at your workplace where you need people to sign-in.

Watch how to add a new QR code kiosk

QR code sign in Workflows and Pages

The sign in point designer will let you build a QR code sign in flow for your visitors. Each step in the sign in workflow can display a feature the visitor needs to interact with.

Add Form

A highly customizable fillable form that allows you to gather data from visitors. You can add and remove fields of different types, set fields as required or optional, and customize different paths to yes/no questions.

Take Photo

Allows the smart device to take a photo of the visitor, which the system records as part of the person's sign-in history.

Information and Signature

A screen that is meant to provide information to the visitor or to obtain the visitor's signature to indicate acknowledgment or agreement to what is displayed on the screen.

Select Host

It is a screen that asks the visitor to search for and/or select the user they are visiting.

Success Screen

This screen shows a customizable message when the visitor succeeds in signing in.

Check out

This screen allows the visitor to sign out by searching and/or selecting from a list of signed-in guests.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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