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Add New QR Code / Web Sign-in Point
Add New QR Code / Web Sign-in Point

How to create a contactless QR code / Web sign-in point for the workplace

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When setting up a new QR Code / Web sign-in point, it's important to understand what information you need to collect from visitors and how you want to collect it.

Teamgo Tip - keep it simple! Even if you require a lot of information for complex compliance requirements, we provide smart tools to give visitors an easy user experience which is important when people are using technology.

Create QR Code / Web Sign-in Point

To create a new sign-in point with default settings follow these steps.

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Select your location

  3. Click on Sign-in Points (default)

  4. Click the New QR Code button

Your sign-in point will need some default information. This is important for displaying reports correctly and making sure it functions with your other settings.

  • Name - give your sign-in point a short, identifiable name (such as reception, office, front desk, workshop, etc.)

  • Message - this is the message that will be shown on the QR code poster you can download and print out. A short instruction is always best.

When you save these settings you will be directed to the QR code kiosk design tool where you can configure the sign-in options, workflows, and style.

  • Details - general sign-in point options, style, and the web link associated with the QR Code / Web sign-in point

  • Workflow - building the steps visitors take to sign in including form data (Note: For QR code sign-in points, it is highly advisable that "Show only visitors signed-in on this device" is enabled under the Sign Out>Checkout workflow.)

  • Default notifications - users that can be notified when various actions take place

  • Clone - create a quick, instant copy of your sign-in point

  • Delete - delete the sign-in point from your account

Download QR Code for Printing Purposes

To download the QR Code for the Contactless Sign-in Point, follow these steps.

  1. Click on Workspace

  2. Select your location

  3. Click on Sign-in Points (default)

  4. Select the Contactless Sign-in Point of interest

  5. Go to Details (default)

  6. Click the Download QR Code button

  7. Attach the image to a poster design or use it as is

  8. Print the image/poster

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