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How QR codes work with Teamgo Visitor Management

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Teamgo uses QR codes in a number of different situations and for different uses. The most common being for scanning on iPad Kiosks to sign-in people, both visitors and users (such as employees, suppliers etc).

Visitor QR Codes

These are either sent to pre-registered visitors, printed to visitor badges or emailed/sms to visitors when they sign-in. Visitor QR codes have the option to be used one time, or can be re-used.

User QR Codes

Users are typically your employees, suppliers or anyone else that has been given a Teamgo user account to access user features, or simply to be issued QR codes for sign-in.

User QR codes can be emailed to users, printed to ID Cards, scanned from the Teamgo Pass smartphone app, downloaded from the web dashboard and accessed in the users account when they login to the web dashboard.

iPad Sign-in Point QR Codes

The iPad Kiosk can display a QR code on screen which can be scanned with a persons smartphone QR code scanner. This will direct the user to sign-in via their phone using a secure web page in their smartphones web browser app.

You can also upload your own QR code images to an iPad kiosk for any other purpose not related to Teamgo. Teamgo iPad Kiosks are highly customisable and can allow for simple or complex visitor sign-in workflows.

QR Code Sign-in Point

This type of sign-in point will allow you to download and print a QR code poster that you can display in the workplace. You can use them in combination with iPad Kiosks or on their own, meaning you don't need an iPad to have a digital sign-in system that works well.

QR code posters will have a QR code included that visitors can scan with their smartphone and sign-in using a secure web page in their smartphones web browser app.

The QR Code sign-in points are simple sign in methods that allow for basic web functionality including but not limited to a form, display induction and information screens, signature, upload photo etc.

While QR Code sign-in points are very effective and you can build custom sign-in workflows, they do have their limitations over an iPad Kiosk and it's advanced capability.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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