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Employee Sign-in via Web Dashboard
Employee Sign-in via Web Dashboard

You can sign-in and check-in employees with Teamgo

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Employee sign-in is easy and can be done in a number of methods with Teamgo. This will assume your users each have a Teamgo profile. Some will require them to have an email address registered or mobile number in their account.

  • Employee Sign in with web dashboard - administrator

  • Employee Sign in with web dashboard - user

  • Employee Sign in with iPad Kiosks

  • Employee Sign in with QR code scan

  • Employee Sign in with Teamgo Pass app

Sign in with web dashboard (administrator)

Users with admin roles and group permissions can access User management. This allows you to look up one or multiple users and sign them in with the web dashboard.

  1. Login to Teamgo

  2. Click Workspace

  3. Click Users

  4. Select one or multiple users

  5. Click Check-in Button

You then select where to check them in and submit.

Sign in with web dashboard (User)

Users can sign in from the web dashboard if they have access to an account. You may need to assign user groups with the right permissions to allow this feature.

Check your Group Settings for roles that you need people to be assigned to for check-in needs.

When users sign in (all users)

  1. Click on Home tab

  2. Click on Check-in

  3. Select location to check-into

The user will be immediately added to be onsite and the selected location. Users can do this on both a desktop browser or mobile browser using their smartphone. Login at

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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