Inform & Alert Messaging

Send message to any user group and keep people informed

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This module will require enablement and payment as part of your current Teamgo subscription plan, contact us for more information.

The Teamgo visitor management Inform & Alert module allows you to send messages to all or groups of users who are not signed in.

This is similar to the evacuation messaging but allows you to send a message to your users who have yet to arrive and sign in on location

It's a great alternative to reaching large groups of people in the event you need to inform them of possible security or safety issues. Scenarios could include

  • Hazard on site message, do not come to the workplace

  • Re-direct traffic, let people now of changes to parking arrangements

  • Building and construction on site, warning of potential problems

  • Workplace events, remind people of important events

The use case scenarios are endless. It's a great way to keep people informed and alerted to potential impacts to their workplace routine. Your users must have an email or mobile number to receive messages.

How to use Inform and Alerts

  1. Login to your Teamgo account

  2. Navigate to VISITORS tab

  3. Click Safety

  4. Click on Inform and Alerts

Complete the form on screen and click send. Your messages will be sent immediately from the system to the selected user groups.

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