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Get notifications sent to your MS Teams messenger

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Your users can enjoy receiving notifications directly through their Microsoft Teams client. The Teamgo App for Microsoft Teams will allow your users to receive system notifications for

  • Visitor arrivals

  • Delivery notifications

  • Emergency notifications

Step 1: Download the MS Teams bot for Teamgo

Click to download the MS Teams app for Teamgo

Step 2: Setup MS Teams and install the bot

  1. Login to Teams (requires Administrator access to MS Teams)

  2. Click on Apps

  3. Click on Manage your apps

  4. Click Upload an app

  5. Select a Team and channel to install bot

Fig 1. Manage MS Teams Apps

Fig 2. Upload Teamgo App to Teams

Fig 3. Select a channel to install the Bot to

Step 3: Enable the Teams integration

  1. Go to Workspace > Integrations

  2. Go to Teams and click Enable, you will be asked to login to your MS Account

  3. Go back to Teams and click on Configure

  4. Click on select a Channel the app was installed to in step 5 above

  5. Select your messaging options and click Save Changes

It may take up to a few minutes to fetch the channel. If the channel does not show, refresh the page.

Fig 4. Upload Teamgo App to Teams

Fig 5. Upload Teamgo App to Teams


  • To receive direct messages, users must belong to the selected Teams/channel

  • The Teams user and the Teamgo user must both have the same user email address

  • Each individual user is not required to install Teamgo app in their Teams account

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