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It is crucial to have safety alerts in place in any environment. Safety alerts warn individuals of any hazards or dangers, which allows them to take precautions and avoid injuries. Sign In Point safety alerts allow Users and Visitors to be notified via Email, SMS, Sign In Point screen warnings, etc. This certainly enhances and supplements existing safety procedures and protocols.

This article covers the following topics:

How to Access Safety Alerts

Due to our focus on safety, we made Safety Alerts always accessible from the main navigation bar, at the bottom left.


Evacuation is a feature that allows you to view and print out a list of people who are signed in. It also allows you to send a customizable message with attachment(s), e.g., an evacuation map, telling people to evacuate.

You can get to the evacuation screen by clicking Safety Alerts and then Evacuation on the left sidebar.

Once in the evacuation section, you can activate evacuation for all locations or select the location of interest.

When you select a location of interest, you will see a list of people who are on-site and you can filter based on groups, print out a list based on your filter settings, and activate emergency for that location.

When you Activate Emergency for one or all locations, you can choose from a list of templates, customize the messaging, and send an SMS and Email alert to a particular group or everyone onsite.


The Messages screen is where you can view a list of all sent messages (evacuation and otherwise), and also where you can send new customizable messages with attachment(s) to Users or Visitors without activating evacuation.

You can get to the Messages screen by clicking Safety Alerts and then Messages on the left sidebar.


The Templates screen holds all the message templates that can be used when activating evacuation or sending messages. You can create different templates for different situations and scenarios.

You can get to the Templates screen by clicking Safety Alerts and then Templates on the left sidebar.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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