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Staff can check-in Users and Visitors via QR code using an iPhone
Staff can check-in Users and Visitors via QR code using an iPhone
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Visitor self-check-in using an iPad is undoubtedly a great way to save time and resources, especially in areas with a high volume of visitors. However, in certain situations or scenarios, such as when closer screening is needed or if self-check-in is not feasible, staff members may be required to check in visitors using a mobile device, allowing for a more thorough screening process and ensuring the safety and security of Users and guests. Therefore, while self-check-in is preferable in most cases, giving staff the option to use a mobile device for check-in is invaluable.

How to access the app

  • On the iPhone, install the Teamgo Visitor Kiosk app from the Apple Appstore

  • Log in using an admin account

  • Accept/allow permissions requested by the app

  • Select the Kiosk design that you want to use

App screen

  1. Options (cog symbol) - Kiosk selection and options screen.

  2. Signed-in Users/Visitors - View/Sign out signed in Users or Visitors

  3. QR-code Scanner - Camera preview area

  4. Sign In/Out Screen - Sign In/Out Users or Visitors using their QR code

  5. Onsite Check Screen - Check if a User or Visitor is onsite or has signed in using their QR code

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