Enable Kiosk Badge Printing
Connect your printer to the iPad then enable badge printing in your visitor sign in workflow
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Once your Badge Printer is connected to your iPad device you will need to enable the badge print option to the sign in workflow for visitors. It is not enabled by default.

  • Print new Visitor Badges

  • Reprint Visitor Badges

Enable Badge Printing

  1. Ensure you have connected the Printer to your Teamgo iPad app and it can be reached with a print test option as per the printer connection guide.

  2. Login to the Teamgo web dashboard

  3. Click on Workspace

  4. Select a Location where the iPad kiosk is

  5. Click on Sign-in Points

  6. Select your iPad Kiosk

Once the Kiosk Designer launches you can then add your printer option to the relevant sign in workflow.

  1. Click on Workflows

  2. Click Add Screen to the workflow you want to print badges from

  3. Find and select the Print Badge screen to add it to the workflow

Once you have added the Print Badge step, we recommend you test the sign in process and your badges print as expected. The Print Badge feature has no additional options, when added to your iPad Kiosk it will automatically print a badge at the end of the visitor sign in process (assuming your badge printer is connected).

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