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How to change the location you are viewing

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Teamgo gives you the ability to manage multiple workplace locations so you can keep your entire organisation safe, secure and compliant for Visitor Management.

When you login to the Teamgo web dashboard, you are presented with the option to view data at one or all of your locations. At times you may need to swap between these to manage the system, users, visitors or view reports.

There are two methods to changing your location.

Workspace View

  1. Login to the web dashboard

  2. Click on Workspaces

  3. Select the location to view

You will then be shown the location general overview. From here you can manage the locations options (left menu). You can also change locations using the drop down menu.

Visitors View

When viewing visitor reports, you may wish to view all location data, or specific workplace date. You can easily change your location from this page.

  1. Login to the web dashboard

  2. Click on Visitors

  3. Select the location to view from the drop down menu on the left

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