The Teamgo software has several types of Users that can interact with the system. Each of these is a unique default role that assists you to collect data in a more relevant and compliant manner.

  • Visitors

  • Companies

  • Customers

  • Team Members

The Team Member user type is unique User that can create different group types with different permissions. These users are typically your employees and working staff.


The Visitor user type is the most common. These are people who check-in and out of your kiosks, providing you with their information so you can keep track of things. When a visitor checks-in we create a record of that visit and establish a Visitor user record. Each re-visit will continue to build a profile and history of that person.

For more information on Visitors, search the help guides Visitors section.


If your Teamgo subscription plan has the Supplier module enabled you will see the Companies Tab. You can invite other companies to join your Teamgo account and load their own workforce in as a User.

Companies that you register can add their employees, upload documents and track their own workforce.

Example: You invite a cleaning company to supply their details and register their workers. The workers can be issued QR codes so the can check in/out of your kiosks.

For more information on Companies, search the help guides Supplier Module section.


Similar to Companies, customers are people you supply services too. If you are invited to join an organisation that uses Teamgo they will show up in your Customers list.

For more information on Customers, search the help guides Supplier Module section.

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