Ensure email notifications work

Teamgo sends out email notifications for many types of events, so for the best experience you don't want to block these.

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Teamgo sends out a lot of useful notifications using email, SMS and our companion smartphone app. We also send out system update emails and general newsletters about upcoming features and fixes.

You need to be able to receive these emails correctly. Please make sure your IT department has white-listed Teamgo so that e-mails from @teamgo.co do not land in spam or junk folders at server level

The following domains should also be whitelisted:

  • signin.systems

  • teamgo.co

  • signinpoint.com

  • sendgrid.net

Teamgo mail server IP address should also be whitelisted.

If you feel you have completed the above steps and are still not receiving messages from Teamgo, contact our support team [email protected]

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