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Embedding Video Into The Teamgo iPad Sign-in Point
Embedding Video Into The Teamgo iPad Sign-in Point

How to add a video to your workflow using a Web View screen

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An instructional video on a sign-in kiosk's workflow can be incredibly helpful in setting customers' expectations, especially for individuals who speak a different language. Additionally, an instructional video can empower visitors and minimize the need for assistance from a staff member.

Watch how to add video to your sign in workflows

Adding a Web View screen

  • Log on to the web dashboard

  • Click on the Sign In Dashboard icon, go to Sign In Points (under Settings), and click on the iPad Sign In Point where you want to add the video

  • In the Sign In Point Designer, Select/add an iPad Kiosk element, such as a button, that you would like to embed video into.

  • Click on Configure Workflow on the right pane.

  • Click on the + button

  • Select Web View from the pop-up list.

  • Click on Web View and specify the URL of the video that you want to embed.

  • Hit Save at the top right, and you are done!

How to get a YouTube video to display in full-screen

  • Open the YouTube video that you would like to use

  • Click on the Share option and choose to Copy Embed Code

  • Paste the copied embed code onto a notepad

  • Look for src="*" in the Embed Code, where * is a series of numbers, letters, and possibly a hyphen

  • Copy everything within the double quotes and use that in the Web View screen

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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