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How to pre-register visitors with Teamgo

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Teamgo has a number of methods you can use to pre-register one or many visitors who are due to arrive at your workplace.

To access these features, your users will need to have the group permissions available to do so which you can enable under Workspace > Settings > Groups.

Visitor Pre-Registration by User

This is how general users of Teamgo may pre-register their visitors from the Teamgo web dashboard when they login.

  1. Click on Home (the default screen when the user logs in)

  2. Click on the Invite button

  3. Complete the form

Visitor Pre-Registration

This is how admins and other types of management staff can pre-register visitors for themselves or on behalf of other users of the Visitor themselves depending again on how you use Teamgo and your type of workplace.

  1. Click on Visitors

  2. Click on Pre-Register button

  3. Complete the form

Pre-Registration Form

The form for pre-registering visitors in Teamgo is standard across all pre-registration functions. To manage the settings of this feature go to Workspace > Settings > Pre-Registration.

Visitor Pre-Registration Screen

The visitor pre-registration screen may require certain information from the user to complete the visitor pre-registration process.

  • Visitor Type - this option will determine what information is requested from the visitor(s) you send your invitation to.

  • Arrival - the date and time your visitors are expected to arrive and depart. The departure time is used for the calendar invitation only, it will NOT automatically sign out a visitor at this time.

  • Visitors - the visitor(s) details, Teamgo only requires a name but if you wish to send invitations, notifications etc then you must include an email address

  • Event Name - give your visitor event an identifiable name just as you would with any calendar invitation

  • Hosts - who will be receiving the visitors on arrival so Teamgo can send them a notification when the visitor does arrive and also send them a calendar invitation

  • Location - what location will the visitor be arriving at, this will populate the invite with the location name and address

  • Meeting Room - if you have this Premium feature enabled you can also book a meeting room at the same time you pre-register a visitor

What Happens Next?

When you complete and Save the pre-registration you will then have several options as to what happens next.

  • Send Booking Confirmation - this will send your visitor(s) their invitation and a QR code they can scan on an iPad kiosk when they arrive.

  • Invite Visitors to Pre-Register - this will send your visitors an invitation to complete an online form so you can collect more data, the form will be based on the Visitor Type you have selected when filling out the pre-registration form.

  • No Notification - this will pre-register the visitor(s) in your visitor list but it will not send them a notification email.

  • Check-in Visitors - you can immediately sign-in your visitors from here, this is useful for walk-in visitors who arrive on site with no pre-registration and also if you wish to manually add visitors to your visitor reports and not use Sign-in Points

What Do Visitors Need to Do?

Any visitor who receives a pre-registration notice will either need to simply add it to their calendar and follow instructions OR click a link to complete an online form.

Once the form is submitted their information will be readily available for you to view, including any documents they may have supplied so you can view and approve these (using the Documents module if enabled on your account)

Visitors get a simple invitation email with Place, Time, Date, Details. Your invitation emails may also include a registration link and/or a QR code depending on the options you selected.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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