Overview of Pre-Registration

An overview of the Teamgo visitor pre-registration function

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The purpose of pre-registering visitors is to gather important information before they arrive and to speed up the arrival process. Pre-Registration is a function that can be done by your Teamgo users.

Think of pre-registration like buying an airline ticket online and doing an online check-in. You provide your details, answer questions and get issued a boarding pass. Now you just have to turn up, scan your ticket at the gate and get on the plane. Easy!

Who can Pre-Register Visitor?

Anyone who has a user account in Teamgo and has the correct user permissions can pre-register a guest when they login to the web dashboard.

Can I pre-register without logging into Teamgo's dashboard?

Yes! You still need a user account and your email address in your account details. When you setup a calendar meeting with Outlook, Google etc, simple include [email protected] as one of your attendees. If we get an email from you and it's recognised in Teamgo, we can add your pre-registered visitors to the expected visitor list.

Benefits of Pre-Registration

There are a lot to list, and many will be specific to how you use Teamgo and the type of workplace you operate. Here are the main ones

  • Enter visitor information before they arrive

  • Request visitors to enter their own information

  • Get forms completed online

  • Gather important information from your visitors

  • Request documents like identifications, licenses, certificates and so on

  • See an expected arrivals list each day

  • Know how busy your visitor traffic is going to be

  • Speed up the arrival process for your visitors

  • Pre-register one or many people at once

  • Send location details and calendar invitations

What other features work with Pre-Registration?

Aside from the pre-registration itself, with visitors who are pre-registered in Teamgo you can action the following

  • Scan their QR code on arrival with an iPad Kiosk

  • Sign them in via the web dashboard manually

  • Mark them as Cancelled/Not Coming

  • Modify the pre-registration details

  • Notify hosts when they arrive by email and/or SMS

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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