In this guide you'll understand:

  • What are pre-registrations?

  • How do pre-registrations work?

  • What visitors can do when they pre-register?

  • Pre-registration settings

  • How can I pre-register my visitors?

What are pre-registrations? 

Pre-registering a visitor is when you enter them into the system before they arrive. For example, if you are already aware of their visit you might want to be better prepare to receive them and speed up their sign in process. With pre-registrations you can get your visitor to enter their personal details, read and sign inductions documents or other forms.

How do pre-registrations work?

There several steps to pre-registrations 

  • You enter your visitor into the system and an invitation will be automatically sent to their email 

  • Visitors follow the link in their invitation email to enter their details and receive their QR code

  • Visitors scan their QR code upon arrival

What can visitors do when they pre-register?

  • Accept a calendar invitation from you

  • Provide their details online by registering via a secure link

  • Agree to an induction message or contract online

  • Register themselves as a guest yet to arrive

Pre-Registration Settings

You can edit the pre-registration email to contain different information and required different things from your visitors.

To do this follow the instructions: 

  1. Go to Home > SETTINGS > Pre-registration

  2. Under Visitor Types, select a visitor type to modify or create New Visitor Type

  3. Under General tab, definite your notification message - this the the message the visitor will receive after you've pre-registered them

  4. Under Reminders, enable and set a custom short reminder messages

  5. Under Data Collection tab, define fields to collect more information from visitors

  6. Under Induction tab, define messages that visitors need to select Accept

  7. Under Check-in, define actions that will occur on the iPad app when visitor scan their QR code to check-in.

  8. When done, click on Save Changes

Pre-register visitors by email

First, you will need to enable Pre-register by email in the Settings area described above.

  • Ensure your users/user has a registered account in Teamgo that is typically their work email such as [email protected]

  • In your calendar invitation, include [email protected] as one of the attendees.

Note, your email must be the same as your Teamgo user account's email address to we can recognise who the invitation is coming from and set it up in their meeting schedule.

Pre-register my visitors from the dashboard

  1. On the home screen, go to LOCATIONS 

  2. Pick the location you would like to invite your guest to visit 

  3. Go to Manage Visitors 

  4. Click + New Visitor

  5. Fill out your visitor's information (don't forget to give the event a title)

  6. Click Add

  7. Click Back

  8. To see your pre-registered visitor on the list, click the columns icon

  9. Make sure that Show Pre-registrations is ticked in the view filters

Please Note: Changes to the Pre-Registration settings do not apply directly to the iPad kiosks. If you wish change the functions of the iPad kiosk use the Kiosk Designer tool to customise your guests sign in experience and the data you capture.

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