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Documents Module Overview
Documents Module Overview

Request documents and forms from your visitors, employees, contractors and more

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The Teamgo Documents Module is a premium Teamgo feature. Contact your account administrator to evaluate or enable this feature.

What is Teamgo Documents?

Teamgo allows you to collect many types of documents from your Users (e.g. employees), Contractor Companies, and Inductees. This can be useful to maintain safety, security and compliance at your workplaces.

  • Create document types

  • Send document requests to users (Users, Contractors Companies, and Inductees)

  • View submitted documents

  • Approve/Reject submitted Documents

  • Send reminders for requested or expiring documents

  • Check documents validation on iPad Kiosks

  • Create Inductions forms for each location (each location requires an induction form before Contractor Companies can assign their employees to your organization as inductees.

Documents you may wish to collect are identifications, passports, certificates, permits, vaccination proof, police checks, work permits and many others.

The documents module can be used in many ways both customised and unique to your workplace needs. Teamgo provides you the tools to setup document templates including forms, file upload and much more.

Watch a video introduction to Documents with Teamgo

Documents Module Screens

  • Overview - shows the status of all your requested documents where you can view documents, modify the document status and expiry, and delete documents

  • Document Settings - view, modify, and delete documents that you have created, as well as create new required and optional documents for Users, Contractor Companies, or Inductees

  • Induction Forms - design induction forms for your different locations. A location has to have an induction form before Contractor Companies can assign their employees to your organization as inductees

How to Use Documents

We have provided several guides on how to use the documents module.

  • Creating a document type

  • Sending a request to submit a document

  • Viewing document requests

  • Viewing submitted documents

  • Setting up iPad Kiosks to check submitted document validation

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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