What kiosk stand should I choose?

Ideas and options for an effective, secure and creative display of your Teamgo tablet devices.

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An iPad stand makes it much easier for visitors to sign-in, looks great and secures your devices from tampering or damage.

Consider purchasing one from the Teamgo Online Store (Australian only).

NOTE If you plan to use an iPad stand that’s mounted on the front desk, you may want to consider keeping an extra iPad available to hand to visitors who cannot reach the stand. You can also consider using a stand that has an adjustable arm.

Teamgo is built for the iPad. Your tablets are used as sign-in points "Kiosks" and should be secured at all times if you are not using them for a mobile concierge service. There are many options on the market, listed below are our preferred suppliers with an excellent range, good prices and fantastic support.

What should you buy?

Most customers buy standard counter top mounts. When choosing an enclosure you should consider the items below to make the right decision.

  • Colour to match your company brand (and reception/office)

  • Does it stand out enough?

  • Do you need the enclosure to rotate (face visitor and receptionist)

  • Can it be mounted/bolted to the surface for security

  • Does it come with any security devices like a cable lock

  • Does it come with power extension cords or room for them

  • Is the camera uncovered and accessible

  • Will WiFi strength be a problem? Some mounts can interfere with a devices wireless signal strength.

Most kits come with the parts you need but be sure to check the descriptions and list of accessories for the enclosure you choose.

For more information get in touch with your support team.

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